Who We Are: Professional Culinary Masterpieces Are Our Passion

California Catering Business License

Certified Food Safety Manager


 Joe and Minnie taught themselves to cook while cooking for the family and always experimented. When Joe would BBQ, after trying different sauces in the store, Minnie would buy the sauce that came closest to what she liked and would add other ingredients. After some time experimenting with that concept Joe started to make his own sauce, seasonings, and marinates from scratch. The family, friends, and co-workers would tell him that they loved it and that he should get it on the market.  Friends and co-workers started to ask them to cook for them for parties also which evolved into a catering service after Minnie purchased him his pride and joy, a stainless steel Southern Pride Grill in 2004 and later a panel truck in 2006.

The process of getting the sauce on the market began in 1995 which was not an easy task for someone who had no training and didn’t know the procedure.  Joe wanted to use his name for the sauce which is a common name. When Minnie first applied for the trademark for Papa Joe ,( a name their daughter started to call him as a little girl when her mom called him Joe, and her big brothers called him Pops and Dad), it was turned down. She applied again as Papa J and
received the certificate but it was recalled because Papa John’s Pizza fought it. The third time that she applied as PJR’s was accepted in 2001.


PJR’s BBQ & Catering will promise you a wonderful party that will live on in your memory. That's why we not only offer a multifaceted menu as a party service for Tracy and the surrounding area, but we also provide the organizational talent, wait staff and equipment for a flawless event. Whether a family celebration at home or a large event in a rented location, our experienced team will develop the right culinary theme and oversee all the details to make your celebration an unforgettable experience.